"I've been attending Amy's bootcamp classes for nearly 8 months and can't imagine my mornings without them now. Before this, I had always just done my own workouts at a gym, but never saw results and got bored easily. I decided that I needed something that would push me farther and I've certainly found the right place. Amy is very motivating and clearly has a passion for what she does. I love that the workouts are always something new and challenging and I never know quite what to expect on a given morning. I can tell that I am getting stronger, my endurance is building, and my clothes are fitting better. I just wish I would have discovered these classes earlier" - Kara 

"I have been working out with Amy for a little over a year.  In the past I would work out at home, but never really saw the results I was hoping to achieve.  Amy motivates me to push myself more than I ever did in the past and has helped me to realize that I am able to do things I never imagined I could.  Not only have I lost pounds and inches, but I have dropped three sizes.  More important than what I have lost is what I have gained.  I am stronger and more confident than I have ever been.  I would not be where I am today without the support and encouragement that Amy has provided me." - Melissa
"I joined Clearcreek Fitness Bootcamp in hopes to broaden my horizons. I've been doing the same workout for as long as I can remember. I like to stay physically active, whether it be running, biking, hiking and working out at least 3-5 times per week. I also try to eat fairly healthy. Lots of fruit and veggies and stay away from fast food for the most part. Anyway that being said I like to think I'm in pretty good shape. No matter what fitness level your at in life, I can almost guarantee bootcamp will kick you in your butt and make you sweat like no other. Is also a great way to kick start your day." - Aaron

"I started with the Clearcreek Fitness Bootcamp almost two years ago after more than 20 years of sedentary lifestyle.  Startup was slow - I had no strength or stamina, my physician specified it, and my leg was injured the first week. Amy adjusted for all of these - and she continues to make adjustments for anyone in the class who needs them.  She tries hard to keep us motivated to do something even when we cannot do everything. Now, WOW!!! I am stronger and probably healthier than I ever was.  In a previous life I ran marathons but never did any kind of upper body workout. Bootcamp has forced a balance of upper body, core, and lower body development. My back pain and foot pain have gone away and I now have well-defined muscles that I never saw before.  It has not been easy. I have had sore muscles - the “good” soreness of muscles growing stronger. This continues even after two years but I do not mind because I think I am still improving.  Fitness has become a fascinating journey and I am curious about where this road will lead me. Throughout last year my wife had increasing disability from her decades-long battle with multiple sclerosis. Because of Bootcamp I was able to move her from bed to wheelchair to car, so that she could live at home until just a few days before she died. We both felt confident that I had the strength and balance to help her move safely.  Without the improvements I made due to Bootcamp she would have had to spend her last several months in a nursing home.  Thank you, Amy." - Lynn

"I'm so glad I was introduced to your bootcamp. Before joining your class I was getting bored with my exercise routine. Your class provided me the variety I needed to get me re energized. Thank you!" - Kim

"I am not a gym person. I feel it can be a little intimidating. Clearcreek Fitness Bootcamp is the perfect solution. Amy puts together challenging workouts. She is encouraging and really cares about her students. I still have a long way to go to get in shape but Amy motivates me to keep showing up and working at it." - Lisa
"Hi Amy! I wanted to let you know I just put on a pair of jeans I haven't worn in almost 10 years!! Thank you for helping me shape my body and I am so thankful I got hooked into your bootcamp! Looking forward to getting these last 15 lbs off and increasing my muscle mass!"- Christine

"These classes will change your life. I was nearing 50, weighed more than when I was pregnant and have a high stress job. Working out at the gym wasn't making any improvements and I don't care for group classes with lots of constantly changing, fast-paced exercises that make me feel clumsy and uncoordinated.Then I started Amy's classes. The participants have a wide range of abilities. The exercises are straightforward and well explained. She is supportive and adjusts the exercises to match your ability. Amy also encourages everyone to analyze and improve their diet. Since starting these classes, I am stronger and in much better shape. My balance is greatly improved. When I started the classes, I don't think I could run for a quarter of a mile. Last Spring I ran in my first 5K which is something I had never thought I could do. Once I started making wiser food choices, I saw dramatic results.I have lost inches off of my body and I have lost 20 pounds. I highly recommend Amy's classes. I am very happy that I have made this change in my life." - Lisa
"In my lifetime I've lost a thousand pounds and gained two thousand back.  Amazing how fat finds friends so fast!  This time was going to be different. I lost 90 pounds in a year and a half and was convinced that if I could do a half marathon I would be in great shape and keep the weight off.  When I came across the finish line at my first half marathon I had never felt so good and yet so bad in the same moment and I promised myself I would never feel that bad again!  I knew Amy from taking her Clearcreek Bootcamp during the summer and I knew she did personal training.  I wasn't sure how much it cost but I sure wasn't going to get to where I wanted to be on my own. I contacted her and she was excited to start training me.  The very first day she told me I was an athlete and I burst out laughing.  She was stern and told me she would not let me ever put myself down.  And then she wanted to see me run.  And she ran WITH me.  I guess I expected more of a drill Sargent blowing a whistle and barking orders.  Instead I got someone who truly cared about what was going on in my life and took my goals very seriously.  And ignored my whining.  And now after working with her for a little over a year I have completed 8 half marathons and a 10 miler.  I went from 17 to 18 minute miles to now averaging 13 to 14 minute miles and occasionally a 12 minute.  I went from having leg cramps so bad during a race I could hardly make it across the finish line to finishing easily in the time allotted and walking to the car or the hotel and functioning well the entire day.  My last three Half marathons I PR'd and she has helped me cut 26 minutes off my finishing time.  She has taught me so much about the physical aspects of running but more importantly she taught that the mental was just as critical.  It didn't take long for me to figure out what an amazing person Amy is. She texts me positive thoughts before during and after every race.  There are words of encouragement after every workout.  Working with her has been such a positive experience that I look forward to every week.  Maintaining a heathy lifestyle is hard to do on your own.  Having Amy in my corner insures my long term success.  I have never felt better or been this healthy my entire life. I started working with Amy right after I turned 50.  Most of my family and friends thought I was crazy to take up long distance running at my age.  But thanks to Amy I believe you are never too old to be an athlete!  And now I can say that with a big smile!  Thanks Amy!  You are the best! " - Anita

"I started working out with Amy in the middle of the summer.  I had just graduated from college and still had all of my college weight.  I had never looked forward to working out (it was always a chore) and so I had convinced myself to be content with my out of shape body.  I started going to the Clearcreek Fitness Boot Camp with my parents on a whim and I discovered that working out could be enjoyable and fun! I've now been attending Amy's workouts for about six months and I fit back into my favorite pair of jeans from high school!  I also have more energy during the day and have longer endurance and more strength.  I am so happy with my results so far from attending Amy's workouts, and I'm looking forward to continuing to work with her." - Jackie

"Amy's bootcamp classes are the best classes I have ever been too! I love working out but I have to mix it up or I get bored very easily. Amy changes up her routines day to day and week to week. She is definitely the most creative trainer I have ever had! It keeps me coming back and keeps me motivated! There are people of all shapes and sizes and different fitness levels at each class and she does an excellent job of including everyone and we all move at our own pace. Not only does she give you a great workout, but she teaches you better eating habits and what you should be doing on days off and how to include your kids or family. Since I started taking Amy's classes, I have dropped 50 lbs, down 3 pant sizes, and have continued to workout and eat healthy! I did it, but couldn't have done it, and probably wouldn't have stuck with it, had it not been for Amy!" - Jessica

"Amy Walsh has been a huge resource primary in my fitness efforts. Amy’s method was to establish a knowledge foundation of education from which I can build upon. Rather than simply instructing technique and a few exercises, Amy’s training first established a baseline from which I have built upon. This knowledge has allowed me to strategically build a workout, rather than my old standard of just lifting things until I sweat. I am getting weight loss and adding muscle, this was my simple goal. Be healthier, by feeling healthier and I am achieving it daily with Amy’s direction." - Brian H. 

"Amy joined our coaching staff as Strength & Conditioning Coach with our Advanced and National Level Swimmers in the Fall of 2012. During the past 6 months we have seen tremendous improvement in body control, trunk strength, and the overall fitness levels of our swimmers. The athletes’progress with Amy has been very visible and directly aided the qualifying of two first time National Team swimmers, one of which not only qualified, but is poised to make a run at scoring in the finals at the meet in April. The advances in strength and body control have directly contributed to the overall increased training capabilities in the pool and the best training year our program has had in years." - John

"I would encourage anyone looking for a 'spark' in their workout to take any of Amy's classes. She is an enthusiastic/motivated instructor with a passion for what she teaches. For the last two months I have been sore in places I didn't even know I had (and that's a good thing)." - Bryan K.

"I am a professional wrestler from Ohio and Amy has helped me tremendously. I am a smaller guy, but Amy has quickly helped me build up my muscle mass in a healthy way while also providing techniques and giving suggestions for a healthy eating style." - Tony E.

"I used to be in shape, I used to have muscle definition and I was good weight, I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted... not any more. I started running and working out at home and that helped, but not enough. Last year I signed up for a 5k, then a 10k run in the fall, it was fun and challenging. I had gotten in better shape, I felt pretty good, and then I signed up for a 1/2 marathon- 13.1 miles.  I knew I couldn't fool around anymore; I had to exercise on a regular basis, but I let too much time go by and hadn't exercised enough.  I had to do MORE. In June, I signed up for the Clearcreek Bootcamp with Amy Walsh. Amy Walsh is my MORE. She leads a tough workout and varies it so it is never the same. She makes sure you have good form, gently encourages, and finds what motivates each person there. She modifies workouts for different fitness levels or injury. Amy gives information and encourages a healthy lifestyle without be heavy handed. So where am I now? I am losing a little weight, and my clothes fit better. I am getting more muscle definition, I am eating better, making healthier choices, creating healthier habits. I will be running 13.1 miles in a few weeks, I won't be winning any prizes, but I will run it and get my medal at the end - and be proud of it!" - Karen

"I have done P90X, Insanity, Jillian Michaels, and I can honestly say that this bootcamp is more challenging or just as challenging as all of those.  Amy does a wonderful job of integrating a wide variety of participants with differing fitness levels. She introduces each exercise with various options to fit everybody's needs.  A beginner or an advanced athlete will be very comfortable with Amy's workout. Along with that, Amy is very upbeat, fun, and very motivational. I was always amazed at how fast the 1 hour took. My only complaint is that it was only 3 days a week. I would love to do all 5 days of the week. I had a difficult time motivating myself on my days off, and I know my own workouts were not as productive as when I was at Amy's bootcamp." - Doug 

"The fitness boot camp at Clearcreek with Amy Walsh is fantastic. Amy was encouraging, made sure you were performing at the level you felt comfortable and gave great tips on eating healthy and working out. I loved that each class was something different and I got a really great workout every time. I love to be challenged and this was what I was looking for indeed. I would highly recommend this to my friends and family that are looking for something new and different besides going to the gym. I will be going back for sure!"  - Shelithia 

"I signed up for Amy's boot camp looking for an exciting challenge and a change of scenery beyond the four walls of a gym. What I found was a great group of people in all shapes and sizes, a passionate and down to earth trainer, and most importantly an awesome work-out that I now look forward to three times a week.  I always leave boot camp energized, motivated, and sweaty! I encourage anyone who's curious about it to give it a try, I doubt you'll be disappointed." - Erin M. 

"Amy Walsh’s Clearcreek Outdoor Bootcamp is a great way to get and stay motivated! Three days a week, she provides one hour classes (am or pm) that mix cardio, strength, or flexibility training. Each class is varied and can be adjusted to individual fitness levels. If you’ve reached a fitness plateau, Amy will kick start your body with creative and challenging training sessions. In addition, Amy is personally encouraging and always positive. She routinely provides nutritional tips that sink in without pressure or lectures. Lastly, classes are affordable!" - Erin S. 

"I had been thinking about getting back into some kind of shape (other than oval). My physician recommended I lose 20 pounds over the next six months. I had seen the Clearcreek Fitness Bootcamp signs around and decided to check it out. I am old, overweight, and out of shape. Thirty years ago I was a marathon runner but injuries, a family, and job changes gradually moved me away from that. After the first three weeks of Amy's Bootcamp I am still old, overweight, and (ouch!) have sore muscles in places I did not even know I had muscles! Not long after starting the Bootcamp I suffered a minor muscle injury.  Amy immediately modified my workouts so that the injury was not aggravated while still allowing me to work on most other muscle groups. She also provided advice on things to do and not do at home between sessions. While there is still some tenderness, it seems to be healing. It is clear that I have gained some strength and am starting to build stamina. Amy is a motivator as well as having the technical knowledge about fitness. She keeps the workouts moving, changing activities before anyone gets bored. I have a long way to go, but I believe that this Bootcamp will help me get there." - Lynn