Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness Services

As healthcare costs continue to rise and wellness now has a dollar sign attached to it, employee health is becoming a big deal for companies large and small around the United States. Studies show that individuals who lead a healthier life take off less sick days, have lower healthcare costs and are even more productive at work (just Google it). Amy Walsh Fitness is committed to taking a holistic approach to Corporate Wellness and offers services that will aid employees in the areas of fitness, nutrition, sleep, stress management, weight loss, weight management, healthy eating, budgeting and more. Our services are an inexpensive way to increase the overall health and wellness of your company while increasing company morale and reducing healthcare costs. If you are interested in us coming out to your company and creating an individualized plan for your employees, please contact Amy at

Services currently offered:

Monthly Lunch & Learns

Educate your employees on ways to lose weight, stay healthy, feel better, manage stress, make healthier choices eating out, sleep better, get started with exercising, eating to support a healthier lifestyle and more. 
These 20-30 minute presentations will give employees the information and resources they need to increase awareness about their overall health and wellness and make small changes that will make a big difference in their lives.
Pricing Monthly Lunch & Learns
$75-100 (depends on the size of the company)

Health Risk Assessment (recommended with any program package if the company does not have one already)
Amy can administer and catalog an anonymous employee Health Risk Assessment which will give quantifiable information in regards to employees health to serve in creating an individualized wellness program that best serves the needs of the company. This can also serve as a resource for evaluating program efficiency.
Pricing Health Risk Assessment
$100-250+ (depends on the size of the company)

Health & Fitness Challenges 

Implementing and facilitating incentivized fitness challenges among the employees such as weight loss challenges, 10,000 steps a day challenge, weekend step challenges, drinking challenges, push up challenges, mileage challenges and more.
Pricing Fitness Challenges 
$250 (plus cost of incentives which varies per company, depending on your wellness budget)

Annual Health Fair

Bring in local vendors and health care professionals in the area including local gyms, chiropractors, doctors, health foods stores and more. Offer free health care screenings and an incentive such as wellness dollars or door prizes
Pricing Annual Health Fair 
$1000 (depends on the size of the company)

Fitness Classes

Employees can attend classes at Clearcreek Fitness Bootcamp or one of our trainer's can run a class onsite or at a local gym. Employees can turn in a receipt to receive either a partial or full reimbursement up to a limited dollar amount each year.
Pricing Fitness Classes
Depends on locations and the number of people attending the class, please contact Amy to get a quote.