Thursday, May 14, 2020

Bootcamp Updates

Hello Bootcampers,

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey last week. It has been extremely helpful for me as I figure out how we move forward as things re-open and people are going back to work in the office. My goal is to do my best to accommodate everyone’s individual needs while keeping us consistent and safe. 

Based on the survey results, here is how I plan to move forward:

  • Continue virtual classes until May 29 with the hope that the stay at home order will be removed. Gyms are set to re-open May 26 so I’m hopeful the stay at home order will be lifted. 
  • Begin offering classes in person the week of June 1 at Clearkcreek Park at 530AM on M/W/F and 7PM on M/W/H (off June 8 - 15)
  • I will be running classes in the parking lot so we can all spread out and we will not be sharing equipment. We may use the benches as steps or for dips but only a few people at a time to keep distance. 
  • I will also bring my computer to live stream the class for those who need and want to attend virtually. I will position myself in front of the screen and will offer alternative exercises to running for those who are at home and cannot run. Please be patient with me as I navigate lighting and the mobile hotspot connection at Clearcreek Park. 
  • Workouts will still be recorded and the workout and video link will still be shared after the workout for people to complete on their own if they cannot attend live. This has been a game changer for keeping people consistent. 
  • The Lunchtime Workout classes will continue on through June unless the need drops due to people returning back to work in the office. We will re-evaluate after that if necessary. The cost will remain at $10 a week. 
  • Bootcamp rates will return back to normal which is $80 a month, including those attending virtually. Participants are still welcome to register on a weekly basis throughout the month of June and I will re-evaluate after that. If you have experienced income loss throughout this crisis, I will offer a discount to make sure we can keep you moving at a price that works for your current budget. Please do not hesitate to message me about this - I don't want to lose anyone who wants to attend classes over money. 
  • If the weather will not permit for us to be in the parking lot, we will complete the workout from home virtually as we have been doing. I will notify participants no later than 45 minutes prior to the start of class of any shift in class modality. 

Again, I genuinely appreciate your business and flexibility throughout these changes. Please let me know if you have any concerns. Also, please keep me in the loop if you have a change that impacts your ability to attend virtually, in person or the Lunchtime Classes so I know how to adapt to the changes of supply and demand that are bound to arise. 

Thank you all!