Thursday, March 16, 2017

Obstacle Course Race Training Classes

Obstacle course races (OCR) have been growing in popularity the last few years and I have to admit, I love the challenge they bring. Two other crazy ladies and I will be doing the Spartan Beast this May which is a 15 mile trail run with 25 obstacles (and 30 burpees for every failed obstacle) and I am STOKED! Last year, we enjoyed had so much fun running the Savage Race as a group. Everyone finished the race, no one was injured and we all had fun! What I love about these races is that if you are prepared, even if you cannot complete every obstacle, people of all ages and levels of athleticism can participate and challenge themselves to get down and dirty and try something new.

The key is being prepared. We are attending the Savage Race as a group again this year and if you would like to join us, we'd love to have you (we are running at 10AM and our group is Clearcreek Crazies)! Joining bootcamp classes at Clearcreek Fitness Bootcamp was a tremendous training tool for our participants last year but this year, I wanted to add an extra monthly OCR training class that focus on climbing, crawling, grip strength, functional training, strength, stamina, trail running and fine tuning some of the tricks of the trade for OCR racing. These classes are designed for people who are working out but don't necessarily need to be professional athletes. We are normal, every day ladies and men who just like to do these things for fun.

Here are the details:

1st Saturday of the month beginning April 1, 2017
9am in the Break Out Boxing Studio of GAC in Springboro, Ohio
$7 a class CFB/GAC/BOB members OR $10 a class non-members - cash or check drop in only
16+ years of age
Bring a jump rope, mat and signed WAIVER 
Be prepared, you will get dirty