Friday, January 1, 2016

Dream Big in 2016!

Hello Bootcamps and Fitness Friends,

While many people are working on New Year's resolutions, I prefer to come up with a theme each year versus a specific resolution. Two years ago it was to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Last year was to not live in fear. This year is to DREAM BIG!

I invite you to join me and find one area in your life and GO BIG with it this year. Whether it be something in the area of fitness, health, wellness, nutrition or elsewhere such as spirituality, education, close relationships, traveling, budgeting, saving money or heck, even dental health! Whatever it is, go all in this year with no reservations.

As I finish off 2015 and a year of conquering fears and enter into the year of dreaming big, my big news is that after some careful business planning, I decided to take a leap of faith and leave training at the YMCA to pursue expanding Amy Walsh Fitness into a full time career. And the good news is that I'm already over 90% booked! This year will bring added and expanding programs including small group personal training, online coaching, more personal training hours, corporate wellness expansion, healthy lifestyle classes and the continued growth of Clearcreek Fitness Bootcamp. On a personal note, these changes allow me to have more time after school with my children which is a much needed and added benefit and with already experiencing an almost completely booked schedule, I am at peace with and ever grateful for this timely decision. Here are the ways that Amy Walsh Fitness can serve you better in 2016:

Clearcreek Fitness Bootcamp: Clearcreek Fitness Bootcamp is a dynamic, fun and energizing group fitness experience. Whether you are bored with your regular workout routine, trying to lose weight for health reasons or just want to feel more comfortable in your own skin, this bootcamp is for people of all shapes, sizes and athletic capabilities. With an affordable price, early morning times offered, nutrition tips, pre and post measurements and an enthusiastic and motivational certified fitness instructor, there are no excuses not to get and stay fit. Classes continue to meet every M/W/F from 530-630AM throughout the year and evening classes are offering in the summer time (although I'm trying hard to be able to offer evening classes sooner because I know many of you have asked for it).
Our next session begins this Monday, January 4, 2016! Please visit to register!

Personal & Small Group Training: I offer one-on-one and small group personal training services in home or on-site locally at the Regency Tennis Center in Springboro. If you are new to working out, have a busy schedule or want a routine that is specifically tailored to your needs, one-on-one training is definitely an option for you. Small group training is great for 2-5 individuals with similar training goals who are able to meet at the same time and location. In both cases, I build routines that evolve around the equipment you have available to you on a daily basis or onsite at the gym and also provides you with your workouts after the fact so you can continue to use them in the future.
Current special available for a Tuesday/Thursday 930-1030am small group training for ladies only that focuses on strength building, toning and weight loss goals. Ideally, women should have exercised in the past or are currently exercising and want a boost in their routine. $10 per session, max 5 people and 10 week commitment required. Sessions start January 18, 2016. Please contact me directly ASAP about reserving your spot for this program because there are only 2 spots remaining.

Online Coaching: One of the big changes for 2016 is that I will be offering online coaching with Beachbody products. As a fitness professional, I love their products and have recommended them to clients for years due to their solid program design and nutrition program. I even started off weight training with P90X years ago and it was the program that brought the love for lifting back into my life. If attending bootcamp at 530am is impossible for you schedule or you are not local, online coaching is now available to you! Our first fitness challenge using the 21 Day Fix program will begin Feb. 1, 2016. This gives you plenty of time to order the program and get your equipment (dumbbells and a mat). This is a great kick start program for beginners and veterans alike (there is even an advanced program) focused on building muscle, toning, cardio and core and offers modifications for all fitness levels.

You will get:
- Online coaching and support on a private Facebook group
- Advice on fitness, exercise, health and nutrition from an experienced certified personal trainer and nutrition coach
- A program designed to give you results
- Relationships with other great people working to transform their bodies like you
- A solid start to a healthier you in 2016!
Please reach out to me directly about this program and I will get your started!

Healthy Lifestyle Classes: These classes will be offered once a month on a Sunday evening and focus on topics ranging from nutrition label reading, clean eating, stress management, shopping healthy on a budget, meal planning, cooking 101 and more! Keep in touch for more details as this program rolls out in early 2016!

Corporate Wellness: As health care costs continue to rise and an individual's health now has a dollar sign attached to it, employee health is becoming a big deal for companies large and small around the United States. Studies show that individuals who lead a healthier life take off less sick days, have lower health costs and are even more productive at work (just google it). Amy Walsh Fitness is committed to taking a holistic approach to Corporate Wellness and offers services that will aid employees in the areas of fitness, nutrition, sleep, stress management, weight loss, weight management, healthy eating, budgeting and more. Our services are an inexpensive way to increase overall health and wellness in your company while increasing company morale and reducing healthcare costs. Services include monthly Lunch and Learns, Wellness Fairs, Fitness Challenges, Fitness Classes and Health Risk Assessments.

Please spread the word! As we enter into 2016, Amy Walsh Fitness has much to offer you in the areas of healthy living, exercise, nutrition and more. Please visit my website at for more details or email me with any questions. Thank you for a fantastic 2015 and here's to DREAMING BIG IN 2016!