Thursday, August 8, 2013

Crazy 8's Workout


Today was August 8 - or 8/8. If you know me as a trainer, I have this thing for themed workouts. Any time I get inspired to make one, it kind of excites me. I think it just makes things fun. And if you know me, I like to make working out fun. The workout was lovingly nicknamed "Crazy 8's" and the goal is to complete it in about 1 hour. The workout is eight reps of eight exercises completed eight times (minus the whole running bit, it doesn't have a repetition needless to say). You can modify an exercise for something else that corresponds with working that particular region of muscles if you don't have certain equipment like kettle bells.

8 circuits of:
8 pull ups (negative pull ups for beginners)
8 single leg dead lifts (advanced = 8 each leg or 16 total, moderate - beginner = 4 each leg or 8 total)
8 V sit ups
8 forward/backward lunge (with weight step into forward lunge and then go right back into reverse lunge ideally without taking a pit stop to rest your foot in the middle. Advanced = 8 each leg, moderate - beginner = 4 each leg.)
8 tricep push ups
8 kettle bell single arm hang cleans (8 each arm)
8 dive bombers
0.25 mile sprint