Friday, January 18, 2013

Hotel Workout 1

With so many people traveling these days for work or vacation, I thought it appropriate to post a couple workouts that can be done in a hotel. Most hotels have a small "gym" or "fitness center" which would offer you some basic equipment - a treadmill, some free weights and maybe a medicine ball. Below is an indoor workout that can be done in a hotel with basic equipment. Depending on what they have and how many flights of stairs they have, you may need to adjust or replace a couple exercises, but it gives you a great outline for a calorie burning, strength training and cardio workout that will help you come home from your road trip energized and ready to jump back into life instead of feeling sluggish and like you gained a few pounds (because if you eat right and exercise, you shouldn't). Happy travels!

Hotel Workout 1 (click here for another hotel workout)

Warm up for 5 minutes

Complete circuit 4 times:
12 lunges with bicep curl (both sides = 1 rep)
12 plank rows (both sides = 1 rep)
20 Sit Ups with ball or weight
12 overhead shoulder press with squats
Run 0.25 mile fast pace

Complete two times (up all the stairs and back down = 1 time)
Sprint up 1/3 of the flights of stairs and complete 20 push ups & 20 tricep dips and repeat every 1/3 flights of stairs going up and coming down. SPRINT the 1/3 flights of stairs going up and coming down as fast as you can.

Once you complete your first set all the way up and down, slow down to a medium pace for the second set.

50 Pulse Ups
50 Out & In Crunches

Lunges with Bicep Curl - while out in a lunge, bring weights up into a curl, and then step back up.

Plank Rows - hold your body in a straight arm plank position with weights in hand, balance your body on one hand and row the other arm up, place it back down and repeat on the other side. Do your best to maintain a solid, flat plank and not rock your hips too much as you row.

Pulse Up - lay flat on the ground, bring both legs straight up into the air and raise hips off the ground, bring hips back down while keeping legs up. Repeat.

Overhead shoulder press with squat - hold weights above your head like the “up” position in an overhead shoulder press, press hips back, keep shoulders and weights up and squat down. Keep weights up the whole time as you are standing and then squatting again.