Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Magic Mike - Where Did All the Real Men Go?

I know this blog is usually food oriented in nature, but today I’m branching out again because well, it’s my blog and I feel like it’s important!

Where did all the real men go when Magic Mike came out last weekend?

The real men that stand up for the unborn? The real men that say NO to objectifying women in pornography, dirty magazines, movies and strip clubs? What happened to the strong men out there that stand up and expect men to be more than the lazy, gluttonous and lusting fools that modern America has been producing these past few decades?

Real men became very quiet this weekend. In fact, most men, morally strong and weak alike, became very quiet this weekend as hundreds of thousands of screaming lust-driven single and married women of ALL ages, young and old, flocked to movie theaters to watch what is basically a female-targeted version of “Show Girls.”

So what happened? I have a few theories.

First, maybe it’s because the idea that women are only into love stories and romance novels like the “Twilight” series basically ate the dust. For the first time on a massive public scale, men realized that women could be “lustful pigs” as well. I guess that would be “lustful sows” to be grammatically correct. Men got a wake up call.
Magic Mike

Second, maybe for the first time ever, many men felt the pangs of jealousy that women have been feeling for ages. Wives, fianc├ęs and girlfriends have been fighting to win their men’s hearts against multi-billion dollar industries that have turned women into objects for men’s sexual viewing, and for the most part have sadly been losing. Maybe some men were quiet because they realized they couldn’t be a hypocrite and expect their wives to guard their own hearts and eyes until they were willing to do the same themselves.

Third, maybe men were quiet because they were just scared. The feminist revolution brought many good ideas into existence like equal pay and the right to vote. But it also brought in fear. Men these days could very easily get a smack on the face for opening a door out of courtesy (my husband has), or be labeled sexist because he offers to pay for the date he just brought a lady out on. Many men have become scared to challenge a women’s integrity in the way that women have begun to challenge a man’s. And honestly, I don’t blame them.

Finally, maybe the real men are just waiting for us real women to stand up to our own peers and back us up in saying that if viewing pornography, going to strip clubs and watching dirty movies that instigate lusting after actors is morally and relationally unacceptable for men to do, than it is unacceptable for us to do as real women too. Maybe it’s time that we hold ourselves to the same higher standard that we would want and expect from our real men.