Thursday, May 17, 2012


Evidence of Philomena's strawberry picking & eating!

My husband, Michael, has a phenomenal memory. He can remember everything from the names of practically all the kids in his kindergarten class to every address he has lived at throughout his entire life (past the age of 5). My memory is another story. Most childhood memories are sadly so sparse that I feel like years of my life have been completely erased. But sometimes God can even use memory loss for good because it is probably better that I forgot many of the details of growing up.

Blaise picking with Dad!
My mother left my brother and I when I was nine. My memories of her are pretty sparse, some good, some bad, but just blank for the most part. One of my most prominent memories was of the great times we had picking strawberries at the local strawberry patches. I cherish these memories because they are one of the few that remind me of the many happy times I did have growing up amidst all the troubles. Most importantly, they have made an impact on me because I want my children to have a memory like my husband. I want them to grow up and be able to look back and remember all that their life was, good and bad, but especially the good, and use all those experiences to strengthen their lives, families and relationships with others and God.

I hope you too will be able to make great memories with your kids. Don't forget to take the time to do just that - it can be what makes them look back decades later and smile with gratitude for all that life has offered them.

Michael with the kids and friends at the park after strawberry
picking at Bergefurd's Farm.